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War in Ukraine. Patriots from the USA for Ukraine. “Other countries will have to wait”

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According to the Financial Times, the US administration's decision will be officially announced on Thursday. It is intended to confirm the declaration made by the US president during the group's summit G7 last week. Joe Biden he then said that The US will deliver Ukraine additional air defense systems, including systems Patriot.

New delivery of Patriot batteries for Ukraine. Other countries will wait

According to the Financial Times, five countries have agreed to send Patriot and other air defense systems to Ukraine and others Countries waiting for deliveries of American systems will have to waitbecause “everything we have will go to Ukraine, until her needs are met.”

The countries mentioned waiting for deliveries include: Polish too Romania and Germany. These countries have already placed orders for the systems. Poland does not belong to the group of countries that – as President Biden mentioned – agreed to donate their batteries to Ukraine.

War in Ukraine. Poland will not provide Patriot systems to Kiev

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– We are the country through which most of the military aid passes airspace has been violated three times in the last two yearsand through cruise missiles, which cost the lives of two citizens, a country that is not only of key importance for supplying Ukraine, but also for the entire deterrence system and preparing a possible defense on the eastern flank – he explained in an interview with Radio ZET.

The authorities in Kiev appealed for supplies of Patriot batteries in connection with this Russia has increased its missile and drone attacks among others on Ukrainian power plants. SpainGreece and Romania have Patriots in their arsenals, but they also did not agree to the transfer.

On the other hand Italy announced that they would hand it over to Ukraine European version of the Patriot battery – SAMP/T system.

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