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War in Ukraine. PiS MEPs talk about 11 or 12.5 million refugees from Ukraine. There are much less of them

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Zbigniew Kuźmiuk and Bogdan Rzońca, PiS MEPs, recently argued that over 11 million and 12.5 million refugees from Ukraine arrived in Poland, respectively. Such numbers appear in the official statistics of the Border Guard, but they are not data on the number of refugees in Poland.

“We have sheltered 12.5 million Ukrainians in Poland over this period for over a year. Of course, today there are about one million, one and a half million Ukrainians who are in the Polish health system, in the Polish educational system” – he stated MEP from Law and Justice Bogdan Rzońca, hosting the program “24 questions in PR24” on Monday, June 19. On June 8, Rzońca tweeted about the number of Ukrainian refugees who crossed the border with Poland: “More than 12.5 million Ukrainian refugees have crossed the Polish border since the beginning of the war.”

On May 29, similar words were made by another PiS MEP, Zbigniew Kuźmiuk. “After all, more than eleven million war refugees have already passed through Poland, over the Polish border, about one and a half million have stayed in Poland, nearly a million have privileges – those who are in the PESEL system – just like every Polish citizen. This is gigantic money that we spend on this goal” – he said on Polish Radio 24.

The same in “Morning conversation RMF FM” Kuźmiuk he statedmore than eleven million Ukrainians have passed through our borders since the beginning of this war. The interviewer, Robert Mazurek, objected: “No, it wasn’t eleven million. They were the same people who went back and forth.” To which Kuźmiuk replied: “Eleven million border crossings, agree with me, these are official statistics.” He went on to talk about Ukrainians registered in the PESEL system and their privileges.

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Are PiS MEPs right about the number of refugees from Ukraine who have arrived in Poland? We checked. It turns out that the data they probably used does not concern the number of refugees.

The number of checks on the Ukrainian-Polish border is not the number of refugees in Poland

Where did the number 11 and then 12.5 million refugees from Ukraine come from in Poland? The MEPs probably relied on data published by the Polish Border Guard (BG) via social media. These are daily reports on the number of checks at the Polish-Ukrainian border in both directions since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, i.e. from February 24, 2022.

In the latest communiqué, the Border Guard informed that on June 20 this year, its officers cleared 27.8 thousand people at border crossings in the direction from Ukraine to Poland. people. From February 24, 2022, i.e. from the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it was over 12.844 million people. At the same time, the Border Guard informs that in the same period, 10.997 million people were cleared in the opposite direction, i.e. from Poland to Ukraine.

When Zbigniew Kuźmiuk, Border Guard, spoke about the number of refugees in Poland at the end of May she informedthat since February 24, 2022, it has cleared over 12.2 million people at border crossings in the direction from Ukraine to Poland, and 10.413 million in the opposite direction.

“The data we provide is the number of border checks carried out on the section of the border with Ukraine for all travelers who cross these borders, one check is equal to one person, but of course people from February 24, 2022 may have crossed the border several times. These data at least 90% of the citizens of Ukraine, sometimes even about 96% per day, are citizens of Ukraine, because they mainly cross this border” – Anna Michalska, the spokesperson of the Border Guard, explains in response to questions from Konkret24. “The Border Guard is responsible for border controls, so we do not monitor how many Ukrainian citizens are staying on Polish territory,” she added (original spelling).

Statistics on the number of refugees in the Member States of the European Union are provided by Eurostat. By April 30, 2023, almost four million (3,962,515 to be exact) non-EU nationals who had fled Ukraine benefited from temporary protection in the European Union – results from a map published by Eurostat on June 20, World Refugee Day. In Poland at the end of April it was 995,035 people, i.e. 25.1 percent. everyone. There were more Ukrainian refugees only in Germany – 1,090,235 (27.5%). Temporary protection is an EU instrument that is activated in the event of a mass influx of displaced persons to provide them with collective care and to relieve pressure on EU national asylum systems.

From March 16, 2022, refugees from Ukraine arriving in Poland may apply for a PESEL number. From then until June 19, 2023, 1,622,275 PESEL numbers were assigned, of which 996,417 people currently have the status of foreigners, the Ministry of Digitization informed us on June 21. Data on this subject is also available on the government website Open Data.

We asked the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and the Office for Foreigners whether it is known how many refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Poland since the beginning of the Russian invasion. We also asked how many Ukrainian citizens who fled the country before the war since February 24, 2022, received UKR status in Poland (gives right resulting from the Special Act on Assistance to Citizens of Ukraine) or refugee status. Up to the publication of the article, we have not received a response.

Author:Gabriela Sieczkowska

Main photo source: PAP/Darek Delmanowicz

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