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War in Ukraine. Powerful drone attack. The military column had no chance

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A video appeared on social media showing the impact on Russian equipment. The video was published by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Column of military equipment of the Russian army in the Kursk Oblast was destroyed by the joint effort of the 53rd Mechanized Brigade and the 103rd Territorial Defense Brigade,” the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said.

The entry is accompanied by a recording that shows the moment of impact from different perspectives, including from a camera placed on a kamikaze drone. Some sources report that the attack was also carried out using HIMARS launchers.

Attack on a Russian convoy. The cars tried to disperse

The attack took place on the Russian side, about three kilometers from the border, near the Russian village of Sverdlikovo. Ukrainian media report that the convoy consisted mainly of KAMAZ and Ural trucks and trailers. The convoy did not carry heavy weapons.

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“After the first blows the Russian army tried to disperse” reports the Militarnyi portal. The vehicles drove off the main road. Drivers tried to hide their cars under trees.

“However, the army managed to damage or completely destroy it at least eight vehicles of the Russian convoy” – adds the portal.

Source: Military, Newsweek

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