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War in Ukraine. Propaganda against Ukrainian children from Russian-occupied territories

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The curriculum in schools in Russian-occupied Ukraine serves to brutally indoctrinate children, an independent Russian Telegram channel, ‘Mom Objasnit’, reported. Students are taught a cult of war and violence, and forced to sing songs in honor of Vladimir Putin and draw swastikas on Ukrainian flags, the media reported.

Opposition media interviewed a teacher from the city of Voronezh in Russiasent on a “delegation” to the part of the Donetsk Oblast, a region in the east, controlled by the aggressor Ukraine.

As noted, employees of Russian education are forced to leave for the occupied territories or encouraged to do so with very high salaries, exceeding four or even five times their previous earnings.

“I agreed because I come from there, but as far as I know other teachers just don’t have a choice. No one tells us how long this “delegation” will last. If I finish it, I will be fired from my job – admitted the interviewee.

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Ukrainian children are subjected to Russian indoctrinationShutterstock

The woman told about lessons with students of Russian schools in Donbass. – I was immediately given the task to draw “patriotic drawings”. Before classes, all the children gather, after which the anthem of Russia and the song “Vladimir Putin – zuch. They talk about how bad the West is – mentioned the teacher.

“I spoke to them and heard that they want to fight as soon as they turn 14. No wonder after everything they hear in school. Most children are susceptible to propaganda, she added.

Children forced to draw Putin’s thanks

On theMom Objasnit’ channel, drawings of students from Donbass were posted, showing thanks to Putin, the letter “Z” symbolizing the Russian invasion, and a swastika painted against the background of the Ukrainian flag.

As it was added, other drawings that were made available to the editorial office show, among others, thanks to Ramzan Kadyrov – the governor of Chechnya from the Kremlin. – What should they thank Putin for? For their fathers being sent to the front and killed or crippled? the interlocutor of the opposition channel asked rhetorically.

The woman admitted that many teachers do not like “forcing such brutal propaganda into children’s heads”, but everyone is afraid to say it out loud. – There is no question of your own opinion here. Nobody trusts anyone, people are intimidated.

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