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War in Ukraine. Putin complains about Kiev's drones. “They fly like flies”

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During a press conference, the President of the Russian Federation complained about Ukrainian drone strikes carried out by Kiev over the territory of his country.

– Enemy drones, like flies, they just fly overhead. Everyone knows about it, he said indignantly Vladimir Putin. In his opinion, Russian soldiers are harassed by unmanned ships on the front.

The Washington Post previously reported that so many drones were patrolling the skies above the front lines Ukrainethat “Ukrainian and Russian troops can hardly move without risk of detection.”

Crimea. British Ministry of National Defense: Russia is losing control of the sky

Actions carried out by Ukrainian drones are noticed not only by Russians. In Saturday's report of the Ministry of Defense Great Britain attention was paid to successful attacks on Crimeawhich were carried out by the Ukrainian side in recent weeks. As recalled, the Russians lost elements of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile batteries located at the Belbek airport – radar and launchers. At least two MiG-31 planes were also destroyed.

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According to the British Ministry of National Defense, systematic attacks on Crimea mean that the Russians are beginning to lose the ability to protect the peninsula from the air. “The cumulative effect of these attacks led to an overall deterioration of abilities Russia to defend the airspace around Crimeawhile simultaneously demonstrating Ukraine's ability to influence the operation of Russian air defense,” analysts noted.

The Russians may suffer increasing losses in Crimea

British military officials said in a report that to avoid destruction, Russia would have to disperse its planes and move more air defense systems to occupied Crimea.

Moreover, taking into account previous damage, including the loss of A-50 early warning aircraft and the growing danger of using military airfields located on the peninsula, Russian forces – in the opinion of the British Ministry of Defense – will be forced to increase the frequency of fighter planes. However, according to experts, this will lead to increasing problems with maintaining combat aircraft.

Source: Unian, Interia

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