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War in Ukraine. Putin presented a plan. There was one thing he hadn't anticipated

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The Kremlin he gained wind in his sails after successes in the fighting in the east Ukrainy. Vladimir Putin he even formulated a special theory and presented it during the economic summit in St. Petersburg. The politician is convinced of the upcoming victory of his army.

The declaration was commented on by specialists from the Institute of War Studies (ISW). The Kremlin's plan refers to Russia's “survivability” and “overcoming Western aid” flowing to the enemy.

Putin's theory. This is how he plans to win the war

“Putin probably estimates that Russian forces will be able to use their advantage,” analysts write. Strong point Moscow it has to be first and foremost manpower and equipment potential.

As indicated, leader Russia is convinced that Kiev will throw all its population and economic forces into the “war effort” then he will lose the trial. This will enable the Russians to continue their march to the west of Ukraine.

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This will be a breakthrough moment – according to Putin's theory suspension of Western military and financial aid, which constantly flows to Ukraine. Such a situation may occur “of Russia's own will” or on Russia's initiative. The Kremlin has to convince other countries that this is a rational step.

However, analysts from ISW have no doubts – this is the scenario is unlikely.

ISW. Analysts on Ukraine's chances

Ukraine is not in a losing position. Analysts drew attention to the “good resources” that Kiev has and the experience it has soldiers gained on the battlefield.

In the current situation, Ukrainians are able to “prevent Russian forces from achieving even small tactical gains and launching counter-offensive operations,” say specialists from the Institute for War Studies.

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