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War in Ukraine. “Putin's Military-Political Act.” General on Kiev

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On the shelling of civilian targets in Ukrainian cities, including the hit on the hospital in Kiev, on the Espresso TV program Lieutenant General Ihor Romanenko spoke.

The military man gave a detailed account of the munitions the Russians used to shell Ukrainian cities.

Ukraine. MiG-31 shelling of Kiev

As he emphasized, the attack had been prepared for many weeksas evidenced by the use of a very large number of different types of projectiles.

– These were aeroballistic missiles that The Russians fired from a MiG-31. Missiles were also fired from ground launchers. Modern CH-101 missiles were launched from Tu-95MS air platforms. The Russians also fired old Kh-101s, Romanenko said.

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Russian shelling of Kiev. General points to Putin's target

Later in the conversation, the general explained that the Russians fired the missiles in such a way that They flew at the lowest possible altitude making them very difficult to shoot down by defense systems.

According to the former deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Ukrainy this tactic was used in order to hit the exact targets that were ultimately achieved. It was supposed to be a clear message to the representatives of the countries NATOwho will meet at the summit in Washington.

I believe that this was a military-political act by Putin and his entourage.. They had to organize a large-scale crime to show that they would not allow Ukraine to join NATO, he said.

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