War in Ukraine. “Putin's plans destroyed.” Stoltenberg on the ineffectiveness of the Russians on the front


In an interview with the Ukrainian television TSN Jens Stoltenberg analyzed the current situation of the front in Ukrainewhile presenting the alliance's plans to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

At the very beginning of the conversation, the Secretary General NATO emphasized that Ukraine was able to successfully repel the attack and destroy strategic plans Russian to invade and then occupy the country.

– President Putin thought he would take control of Ukraine within weeks of the war and capture Kiev within days, but his plans were thwarted by the courage of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In the summer, Russia launched a new offensive, for which it paid a very high price – the loss of thousands of people and equipment – he said.

Referring to the military aid flowing from the Alliance countries to Kiev, Stoltenberg admitted that it was much too late, which made it difficult for Ukrainians to conduct effective defense. However, the situation has changed.

– Now everything has changed. United States agreed to provide assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $61 billion. Today we decided to create a support team for Ukraine to make the assistance more intensive and stronger – he emphasized.

War in Ukraine. Will NATO send soldiers to the front?

Later in the program, journalist Oksana Radionova asked NATO Secretary General Fr direct involvement in the conflict.

– NATO has declared from the very beginning that it supports Ukraine. We really gave Ukraine a lot of support, we in NATO agreed that we would train the Ukrainian army. However, NATO always emphasizes that We are not a party to the conflict and therefore we do not send our soldiers to the front in Ukraine – he argued.

According to the politician, the Alliance countries are currently focusing their activities on military assistance and increasing the strike capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. As an example, Stoltenberg cited the recent approval to use weapons received from the West attacks on military targets in Russia.

– Although there are some restrictions on the use of these weapons, we will ease them because Russia launched a new offensive in the north, near Kharkov. They are attacking from Russian territory, and Ukraine has the right to destroy the rocket launchers from which Kharkov is fired. Therefore, restrictions are gradually being lifted, which will help Ukrainians defend themselves.

This easing of restrictions refers to the decision recently announced by the United States and Germany. The authorities of these countries have given official consent to fire on targets located in Russia, but only those attacking the Kharkiv Oblast.

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