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War in Ukraine. Rebellion inside the Ukrainian army. The commander demands the general's removal

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The Ukrainian military's appeal appeared on social media. Bohdan Krotewycz, one of the heroes of the Battle of Mariupol, finds it necessary immediate settlement of one of the generals of the Ukrainian army. In his opinion, through the decisions he made, he “killed more Ukrainian soldiers than any Russian general.”

“It bothers me that they judge veterans and brigade commanders for the loss of an observation point, and they do not judge the general for the loss of regions, dozens of cities and the loss of thousands of soldiers. The conditions in which the brigades are currently fighting, I will say this, are unreal heroism, especially of soldiers, commanders of platoons, companies, battalions and brigades,” he wrote.

“Their heroism lies in the fact that they stop the enemy not because of this (the general's method of command – ed.), but despite this,” he added.

Tension in the Ukrainian army. Commander on the need for urgent changes

Further on, the Chief of Staff of the Azov National Guard Brigade emphasized that his appeal was related to no consequences for bad decisions and simultaneous accusations against other people who are often innocent.

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“Sometimes it seems to me that the world sends us bastards to mobilize us. And the whole army now understands what kind of man I'm talking aboutbecause 99 percent of the military hates him for what he does,” we read.

Bohdan Krotewycz, summarizing his accusations, said that he was ready to accept the consequences of his behavior because he was convinced that he was acting in a just cause.

“The only thing I will always be ashamed of is that I hadn't done it before (…) So please remember that this is my personal decision and I fully accept its consequences,” says the soldier.

According to unofficial information from the Ukrainska Pravda portal, he is a person accused by Krotewycz is Lieutenant General Yuri Sodola. The military officer has been the commander of the combined forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine since February 11, 2024. Previously, he was the commander of the Ukrainian Marine Corps.

During Russia's full-scale aggression in Ukraine, he was the commander of the operational-tactical group “Donetsk” in the Vuhledar direction.

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