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War in Ukraine, Romania. The minister admits: parts that may be parts of a drone have been found. NATO announcement

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Parts that may be parts of a drone were found on Romanian territory, said the country’s Defense Minister, Angel Tilvar. On Monday, Ukraine reported that Russian drones used to attack a Ukrainian border port had struck Romanian territory. In a joint statement, NATO countries expressed “strong solidarity” with Romania and assured that they were “closely monitoring the situation.”

On Monday, Kyiv announced that Russian drones hit Romanian territory. This allegedly happened during the shelling of the Ukrainian port of Izmail on the Danube, near the border with Romania. The Romanian defense and foreign ministers and the president initially denied this information. They assured that the Russian attack did not directly threaten Romanian territory.

The minister admits: parts that may be parts of a drone have been found

However, on Wednesday, Defense Minister Angel Tilvar confirmed in an interview for Antenna 3 CNN that “parts that may be elements of a drone have been found” on Romanian territory. He added that residents of the area were not evacuated because “there is no reason to assume that these elements pose any threat.” The minister said that the parts would be examined to determine their origin.

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– If it is confirmed that these are parts of a Russian drone, it will be an unacceptable situation that constitutes a serious violation of Romania’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, President Klaus Iohannis stressed on Wednesday.

NATO ‘will monitor closely’

In a statement issued on Wednesday NATO countries expressed “strong solidarity” with Romania. “We continue to closely monitor the situation and remain in close contact with our ally – Romania,” they assured.

Main photo source: Reuters

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