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War in Ukraine. Russia announces the “liberation” of Klishchivka

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On Wednesday Russia she announced that her strength had returned Kliszczejewkai.e. a village located in the east Ukrainewhich Kyiv recaptured during counteroffensive in 2023 – reports “Kyiv Post”.

As the portal adds, the Ukrainian army is currently under great pressure, struggling with a new Russian offensive in the north-east Kharkov region. Ukrainian soldiers are also suffering from serious ammunition shortages along the entire front line.

War in Ukraine. Russia boasts of success

“Units of the Southern Army Group liberated the village of Klyshchivka in the eastern Donetsk Oblast,” the Russian Ministry of Defense said.

Russian troops initially occupied the village in January 2023, but Ukraine retook it in September in a largely unsuccessful counteroffensive.

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Klishchivka is located south of the strategically important town Bachmutu. Before full-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine, it had about five hundred inhabitants.

Klishchivka in the hands of the Russians? Ukraine does not comment

So far, Ukraine has not yet commented on these reports. Whereas General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced that on May 22, Russian forces tried six times to improve their tactical position towards Kramatorsk. The attacks came from Bakhmut towards Chasiv Yar, Ivanovsky and the above-mentioned Klischivka.

The Ukrainian military managed to repel three attacks, and one tank and two amphibious assault vehicles were also destroyed. According to “Kyiv Post” the situation should be “under control”.

Due to the concentration of the Russian attack in northeastern Ukraine, Kiev was forced to direct its troops there from other areas of the country. On Monday, Russia announced that it had occupied a strategic town for Ukraine Biłhorivkain the eastern part Luhansk Oblast. Since the fall of 2022, Biłohorivka was considered one of the last strongholds of the Ukrainian army in this region.

The announcement about the occupation of the town appeared on the Russian Ministry of Defense's social media profile. It is worth keeping in mind that much of the information provided by Russian state media or Russian officials may not be true, but just an element of the information war on the part of the Russian Federation.

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