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War in Ukraine. Russia is moving troops from the border with Finland

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Former Minister of Defense Russia Sergei Shoigu announced that it would take “appropriate remedial measures” as soon as possible Finland expressed its willingness to join the North Atlantic Alliance. Threats from Moscow they did not discourage Finland and after a year Helsinki officially joined the pact.

The answer Moscow there was to be an increase in military forces near the newly designated border NATO. According to the Finnish portal yle.fi, everything indicates that Russia took a sharp step back.

War in Ukraine. Russia is transferring soldiers from the border with Finland

Satellite photos obtained by the service, as well as Finnish intelligence, confirm that the previously stationed on the border with Finland troops were almost completely withdrawn. The portal emphasizes that it has detailed satellite photos that show that but he was not given permission to publish them.

Russian military bases they were supposed to vacate at the end of May.

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– On average 80 percent equipment and soldiers were sent to war in Ukraine – reports the Finnish website, citing a high-ranking intelligence officer.

According to yle.fi, equipment and soldiers disappeared from bases located near the border. Only instructors and recruits were to remain on site.

Currently, satellite photos will only show “numerous tents for staff accommodation” – most likely undergoing basic conscript training.

Finland is a member of NATO

Last April, Finland officially became a member NATOhanding over the instrument of accession to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Finland then became the 31st country to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Head of NATO Jens Stoltenberg he then noted that Putin, wanting to “close NATO's doors once and for all”, achieved the opposite goal.

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