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War in Ukraine. Russia is seeking the Crimean Bridge. “These are not fortifications”

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Reports saying that Russians mass barges near the Crimean Bridgeto protect the structure from attacks Ukrainy, appeared at the beginning of June. The spokesman for the Ukrainian Navy, Dmytro Pletenchuk, was critical of the occupiers' idea.

These aren't even fortifications, are attempts to narrow the passage (the shipping channel – ed.). Then it will be easier to control. In fact, they control it at the expense of aviation – both helicopters and planes of various models are constantly in the air, he said.

War in Ukraine. The Russians want to keep Crimea. “They don't recognize their own planes”

Dmytro Pletenchuk added that it happens that Russian air defense systems do not recognize their own planes and destroy them because “they have problems recognizing air targets”.

A Navy spokesman said that sometimes Russian helicopters are targeted by their own air defense. – They ask how this happens. After all, Putin said that they have the best reconnaissance system there. But they just turn it off – he said, adding that the Russians forget that these are their machines, which is why they become targets.

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– This is a side effect of their large presence in the air. And we must admit that at least the eastern part of the Black Sea is dominated by Russian aviation, Pletenchuk emphasized.

Defending Crimea at all costs. The Russians placed barges near the bridge

Information about a new method of protecting the Crimean Bridge was provided by British intelligence at the beginning of June. The Russians' preparations to defend the key crossing leading to the peninsula began earlier. The installation was completed in a few days.

The British Ministry of Defense said in a report, citing photos, that after MrEight barges were placed on the southern side of the Kerch Bridge. “They were placed by Russian forces to defend the bridge and shipping channel, reducing approach angles for Ukrainian unmanned surface vehicles,” the statement added.

The Crimean Peninsula, to which the crossing leads, is also of great importance to Ukraine. Experts almost unanimously indicated in a publication on Business Insider that “if there is one place where Ukraine will win the war against Russiathat is him Crimea.

Sources: Unian, Interia

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