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War in Ukraine. Russians are turning off drone signals. They have a hidden agenda

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Russian forces have begun using new methods on the front, the spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force Command said in a Monday interview. Jurij Ignat.

A Ukrainian colonel said that the Russians were sending reconnaissance drones over Ukrainian territory, but they turn off navigation in them.

War in Ukraine. New method of the Russians. They turn off the signal in drones

– The enemy is using a new tactic – it is attacking unmanned aerial vehicles without navigation, without a GPS signal. This signal is turned on directly above the objectwhich the enemy plans to recognize and hit with Iskander (short-range ballistic missile – ed.) – said Yuri Ignat, emphasizing that such actions must be met with a reaction Ukraine.

The spokesman mentioned that A number of discussions have already taken place on this issueand the top management ordered a solution to the problem. In Ignat's opinion, the Ukrainian Defense Forces “must implement effective measures to counter Russian reconnaissance drones.”

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– Innovative solutions are being sought, and anti-aircraft drones are already working on (destroying – ed.) enemy reconnaissance drones and are achieving considerable success. I think that the entire Defense Forces should also pay attention to this and introduce such measures that are relatively cheap compared to the costs of missiles – added Yuri Ignat. As he emphasized, “missiles today play a deterrent function”.

Russians Send Dozens of Drones: This Is How They Survey Ukraine

The spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force Command also reported that up to fifty drones fly along the front line every day. It also happens that some types of drones are able to reach the rear of the Ukrainian army.

– We are talking to you right now, and dozens, 30-40 drones are flying along the front line. In the Sumy and Kharkiv regions, where active military operations are underway, they conduct air reconnaissance around the clock.. It happens that drones fly deep into our territory – said Yuri Ignat.

The colonel admitted that there are certain means by which such moves by the Russian side can be countered. In this context, he mentioned, among others, fire brigades, combat aircraft and electronic warfare systems.

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