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War in Ukraine. Russia's crisis in the Kharkiv region. There is a reaction

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Citing reports from both Russian and Ukrainian sources, ISW writes that new Russian troops of undetermined number.

Among others Forces of the Chechen Spetsnaz Akhmat battalion were to be transferred to the vicinity of the Kharkiv Oblast at the end of May. The commander of these structures, Apti Alaudinov, claimed in an interview for Russian television that the Chestnut unit was operating in the Kharkiv direction.

War in Ukraine. Russia is deploying additional forces

According to the spokesman of the Ukrainian Khortytsia Group, Nazar Voloshin Chechen troops they could have been moved there for “disciplinary” purposesi.e. as so-called barrier troops to shoot at soldiers fleeing from the battlefield.

Voloshin also reported that the Russians were increasing their concentration near the border transfer of troops from other sections of the front, including – from the occupied Kherson Oblast. These are unspecified units of airborne troops from the 11th and 44th Army Corps (Leningrad Military District).

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The Ukrainian portal Sprotyw (subordinated to the Ministry of Defense) reported the transfer of units and drone operators from Kherson to Kharkiv.

Kharkov region. Moscow increases the size of its army

ISW recalls that when offensive operations in this region began on May 10, the number of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine in the Kharkiv region was estimated at approx. 35 thousand. According to the Ukrainian side, the Russians intended to increase the number of this group (North) to 50-70 thousand.

As analysts point out, it is not clear whether the forces are being increased for the purpose of direct deployment to combat or for the planned increase in the size of the group. On June 6, one of the Russian sources reported that the Russians engaged approximately 15,000 people in the attacks in the Kharkov region. soldiers.

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