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War in Ukraine. Russia’s losses exceeded 250,000 soldiers – data from the Ukrainian army

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Since the beginning of the armed invasion, the Russian army has lost 256,050 soldiers in Ukraine, the general staff of the Ukrainian armed forces said in a daily report. In addition, several thousand Russian tanks and armored vehicles and over five thousand artillery systems were destroyed.

According to reports from the Ukrainian headquarters, over the last 24 hours the Russian army has lost Ukraine 480 soldiers, 5 tanks, 8 armored vehicles, 17 artillery systems and 24 drones.

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Since the beginning of the military invasion on February 24, 2022, the casualties of Russian forces have reached 256,050. Moreover, since the beginning of the aggression, the Ukrainian army has destroyed 4,329 Russian tanks, 8,398 armored vehicles and 5,169 artillery systems.

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In addition, during the invasion, the Russian invasion of Ukraine lost 315 aircraft and 314 helicopters, and the number of Russian drones shot down by Ukrainian forces reached 4,272. Russian losses also included 1,406 cruise missiles, 18 ships and boats, and 7,641 vehicles and tankers.

A destroyed Russian tank in the village of Novodarivka, Zaporizhia region. Photo from July 21 Ukrinform/NurPhoto via Getty Images

UK Department estimates

Independently, the British Ministry of Defense publishes its own estimates of Russian losses in Ukraine. According to the latest data from July 5, quoted by the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN, Russia since the beginning of the invasion, Ukraine has lost 220,000 soldiers (dead and wounded), more than 2,000 tanks, 80 aircraft, 95 helicopters and more than 1,000 artillery systems.

Moscow does not inform about the losses among its own soldiers, reporting only about the losses of the Ukrainian side. According to analysts, the data provided by Russia and Ukraine regarding losses on the enemy’s side may be inflated.

Main photo source: Ukrinform/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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