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War in Ukraine. Su-25 destroyed. The fourth machine this month

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Information about the shooting down of another Russian Su-25 attack aircraft was shared on Saturday by the Ukrainian 110th Independent Mechanized Brigade on social media.

Ukraine and Russia. Another Su-25 was shot down

“Riflemen of the 110th brigade continue to impose fiery punishments on Moscow pilots for illegally crossing the border,” the network wrote. This is the fourth machine that Ukrainian forces managed to destroy within two weeks.

The 110th Independent Mechanized Brigade, boasting of another success, emphasized that the remains of the Su-25 “are rotting on one of the Donetsk airstrips.” “Our skies will become hell for occupation pilots. Our brigade will become a nightmare for them” – assured.

Success of Ukrainian soldiers. They destroyed four stormtroopers in two weeks

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In early May, Ukrainian forces hit an attack aircraft while flying over the Donetsk region, which confirmed the President of Ukraine in his evening speech. – I congratulate the soldiers from the 110th independent mechanized brigade for shooting down today Russian Su-25 in the Donetsk region. Congratulations, boys, said Volodymyr Zelensky.

Just a week later, on May 11, the Ukrainians shot down another Russian attack aircraft. “The occupiers still have not understood that there is no point in flying in our sky,” the brigade emphasized in a statement and announced further similar actions. As justified, “the empire must fall”.

The last successful attack on an enemy machine this month took place a few days later. “Black smoke and damaged iron are all that enemy pilots can expect before they fly into our brigade's area of ​​responsibility,” it was reported. Zelensky and this time he praised the soldiersthanking them for doing a good job

Source: Ukrainian Truth, Interia

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