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War in Ukraine – tank deliveries from the West. Germany and Canada will send more Leopards

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada will transfer four more Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and impose new sanctions on Russia, including members of the government and the office of the Russian president. Another four Leopard 2 A6s from military stocks will also be handed over to Ukraine by Germany.

Defense Minister German Boris Pistorius made the decision to hand over Ukraine another four Leopard 2 A6 tanks from German military stocks, the defense ministry in Berlin announced on Friday. “Germany thus increases the number of tanks transferred from 14 to 18” – added the ministry.

“Thanks to this decision, it will be possible to provide Ukraine with a tank battalion together with Portuguese and Swedish partners,” it said on Twitter.

Three tanks are supposed to come from Portugaland ten with Sweden. Together, this makes 31, which is the number needed for a Ukrainian tank battalion.

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The German government announced in January that it wanted to field two battalions together with Poland and promised 14 tanks from the Bundeswehr itself, the RND portal reminded.

Leopard 2 A6 at the base in AugustdorfPAP/EPA/FRIEDEMANN VOGEL

Four Leopards, ammunition and $32 million from Canada

Another four Leopard 2 tanks will also be handed over to Ukraine by Canada, as announced by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In addition to the four Canadian Leopard 2 tanks already in Poland, used by the Canadian Army in training for Ukrainian soldiers, Canada will donate another four such tanks. In addition, an armored rescue vehicle and over 5,000 vehicles will be delivered to Ukraine. 155 mm caliber missiles, the Prime Minister announced during a press conference on the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. When asked about the training of Ukrainian pilots, he did not answer directly, but stressed that Canada would support Ukraine as much as possible.

Canada’s Foreign Minister, Melanie Joly, previously said it would also provide Ukraine with $32 million for demining, security support and “countering chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats that undermine the security of the entire region.”

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly PAP/EPA/JUSTIN LANE

“Putin thought his invasion would be a quick victory, but he was wrong. Ukrainians have been going strong for 365 days, and they will continue to be, and as Russia continues its brutal war against Ukraine, Canada and Canadians will support the Ukrainian people for as long as it takes,” Trudeau said.

When asked about Russia’s disinformation activities, he added that “it is no surprise that Russia is spreading disinformation.” He also announced that Canada and allies would work to “disseminate information” among the Russians, including about the real cost of war.

New Canadian sanctions, including on members of the government and the office of the president

Trudeau announced new sanctions against 122 people and 13 entities in Russia. The sanctions included: members of the government, the chancellery of the Russian president, parliamentarians, military personnel, families of persons previously subject to sanctions. The second part of the new sanctions covered 50 entities from the armaments sector, and the third is a ban on the export to Russia of “chemical elements” necessary for the production of electronics and a ban on the import of all weapons and ammunition from Russia.


Referring to China’s position on peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, Trudeau said that it would be good for China to take a stronger stance on defending the principles of sovereignty. He pointed out that China defends this principle, but “as far as Ukraine is concerned, China lacks conviction and firmness.”


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