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War in Ukraine. The military admits: Russia is tactically successful

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Russians attacking the northeastern region Ukraine they reached the outskirts of the border town Wowczańskalocated 45 km from the second largest Ukrainian city Kharkov – Ukrainian military sources reported on Sunday.

The invading army claims to have taken control of at least nine villages in the border Kharkiv region. However, as the Ukrainians emphasize, enemy attacks are repelled and Kiev is fighting to maintain control over the attacked settlements, inflicting significant losses on the aggressor.

The necessary reserves have been released for the purpose stabilizing the situation. As emphasized, one of the priorities of defense activities is to save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. Almost everyone was evacuated from the fighting areas six thousand inhabitants.

War in Ukraine. “Tactical success” for Russia

Ukrainian General Staff admitted that it is possible to talk about tactical success the Russian aggressor in the Kharkiv direction, which has breached the defense lines, but the situation is dynamic. “The enemy, regardless of losses, engaged significant forces in the attack Vovchansk. Within 24 hours, the aggressor's losses exceeded 100 people killed, we read in a statement published on the night from Sunday to Monday.

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– The situation is extremely difficult because enemy FPV drones are constantly circling over Wowczańskie. This poses a great risk to police officers and volunteers, who risk their lives by evacuating civilians – said the head of the military administration, Wowczańska Tamaz Gambaraszwili, quoted by Reuters. He added that despite Russian attacks, the city remains under the control of Ukrainian troops.

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