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War in Ukraine. The Russian military uses a new version of a drone that independently identifies targets, reports ISW

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The American Institute for War Studies has suggested that the Russians may use “Izdeliye-53”, a new version of the “Lancet” kamikaze drone, capable of autonomously identifying targets, on the front.

“Sources in Russia reported that Russian forces began using a new kamikaze drone ‘Izdeliye-53’ on October 21. They also claimed that the unmanned drone is to have an automatic guidance system that can distinguish types of targets and increase the effectiveness of attacks,” wrote the American in an analysis on Saturday. Institute of Studies (ISW).

According to ISW, Russian forces are not yet using this type of drones on a large scale, but sources said that the Russians are currently testing them for mass, synchronized attacks.

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Lancet-3 was developed by Zala Aero, part of the Kalashnikov concernPhoto from June 24, 2019 SERGEI ILNITSKY/EPA/PAP

On October 24, the Institute reported that Russian forces had recently used new “Italmas” drones (also known as “Izdeliye-54”) in an attack on the Kiev Oblast. Earlier, ISW assessed that the Russian command may believe that a large number of strike drones will allow their forces to break through the Ukrainian air defense, although – as noted – the payload of the “Izdeliye-53” drones, ranging from three to five kilograms, may not be enough to significantly damage key military targets.

At the beginning of October, Air Force spokesman Yuri Ihnat announced that “in September alone, Russia used 500 drones against Ukraine, half of the number used in the previous fall and winter.”

Kamikaze drones are cheap and deadly effective. Ukrainian soldiers demonstrate thisPaweł Szot/Fakty TVN

Main photo source: SERGEI ILNITSKY/EPA/PAP

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