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War in Ukraine. The Russians are pressing on the front. Ukrainians in retreat

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The latest information from the front was presented by DeepState project analysts. According to experts, Russian units were able to get to the outskirts of the Sokił settlement in the Donetsk region. However, it is not certain whether the village was occupied by the Russians or whether fighting for it is still ongoing.

Ukrainians must also defend themselves near Novoaleksandrivsky. In this case, it is known that Russian units broke into the center of the settlement and occupied a significant part of it.

War in Ukraine. Russian losses in the offensive in Donbas

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces Ukrainy in the last 24 hours, The Russians lost nearly 1,160 soldiers in the fighting. This means that since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the total human losses amount to 526,310 people.

During the recent fighting, the Ukrainians also managed to destroy six armored combat vehicles, 58 artillery systems, and 11 unmanned aerial vehicles of the operational and tactical level.

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However, the situation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces remains very difficult due to the offensive actions of the Russians in many regions. According to military expert Vladislav Selezniov, in recent hours, Russian units have moved to offensive actions, including in the Sumy Oblast region.

– In the south of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast, in the Robynsky Oblast and in the Old Major Oblast, we can see the dynamics (…) The enemy continues to put pressure on our defense lines and positions in this area of ​​the front. We will be able to stabilize the situation if eventually serious supplies of artillery ammunition will arriveespecially as part of the Czech initiative, he said.

– These successes (of the Russians – ed.) are tactical in nature. Pushing 100-200 meters a day is not serious progress. But the situation is quite disturbing. Throughout all these months, the enemy has been slowly pushing through our defense, forcing us to conduct maneuver defense, he added.

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