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War in Ukraine. The Russians dropped a bomb on their own territory. British Ministry of Defense report

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Once again, a Russian plane accidentally dropped a bomb on its own territory. This shows that Moscow's air forces have problems with effectively striking intended targets, says the British Ministry of Defense in its report.

The daily intelligence update cited reports that on May 4, a Russian plane accidentally dropped a FAB-500 bomb on a residential part of the city of Belgorod. The governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, confirmed the explosion and destruction on Razdobarkina Street, but without giving the cause of the incident.

As a result of the explosion, 30 houses and 10 cars were damaged, and five people required hospital care, which illustrates the destructive power of this bomb – noted the British ministry.

“Russia is still unable to use its bombs effectively”

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As noted, this was not an isolated case. It was recalled that on February 18, the FAB-250 bomb was lost over the town of Soloti in the Belgorod Oblast, which resulted in the evacuation of 150 people.

The media pointed out that such events are quite common, because in March and April alone, 20 bombs were accidentally dropped in the Belgorod Oblast – emphasized the British Ministry of Defense.

“Such events indicate that Russia is still unable to effectively use its bombs to hit their intended targets. Mistakes like these have devastating and deadly consequences for the Russian population,” it said.

Main photo source: EPA/BELGOROD MAYOR

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