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War in Ukraine. The Russians reached for a new group. First official confirmation

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The Russian portal Ura reports about new soldiers in the Russian army. In a conversation with Favor journalists, Demid Lazhintsev, director of the social welfare center, admitted that the number of people seeking help due to homelessness, it has dropped significantly.

According to the man, however, this is not an element of social programs and activities of the authorities that are intended to combat this type of problem. More and more people decide encouraged, among other things, by regular remunerationto join the army.

War in Ukraine. Russians send homeless people to the front

– Both in our commune and in neighboring areas, we are observing a downward trend in the number of homeless people. Those who have appropriate documents and are in good health, sign an agreement with the Ministry of National Defense and go to the Northern Military District, Lazhintsev said.

As the center's director admits, the main argument for these people is stable earnings and the security of a roof over their heads. Of course, due to the fact that the article appeared on a Russian website, there were also alleged patriotic feelings.

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– In man civic responsibility and patriotism are awakenedbased on which he decides to defend his homeland – he added.

According to the director of the social welfare center in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug currently even 10 percent of the “most talented” peoplewho come to the center decided to sign an agreement with the Ministry of National Defense to perform military service.

Information about homeless people in the Russian army is not confirmed by the authorities. According to officially published regulations for the front of a special military operation (the propaganda term for the war in Ukraine – red.) Only professional soldiers who are willing to do so are admitted.

War in Ukraine. Thousands of prisoners in the Russian army

The homeless are not the only social group that is eager to serve in the Russian army on the front in Ukraine. According to analyzes of the British Ministry of National Defense, initiated by Yevgeny Prigozhin the practice of recruiting prisoners to fight continues and significantly affects the increase of the human potential of the army.

“From July 2022 to February 2023, when the Russian Ministry of Defense took over this practice, Wagner Group recruited over 48,000 prisoners, of which over 17,000 later died in combat. From February 2022 the population in Russian prisons has fallen by at least 150,000. It is likely that most of these prisoners were released in exchange for agreeing to fight in Ukraine,” we read.

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