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War in Ukraine. The Russians used powerful weapons. The first such case in history

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He was the first to report the probable use of the FAB-3000 M-54 bomb with a guidance planning and correction module military expert Julian Röpke.

“Today Russia she dumped on Ukraine first FAB-3000 M-54 KMPK hitting the building of New Post Office No. 1 in the front village of Lypka in the Kharkiv region. It fell on target 3-ton bomb (1.2-ton warhead). 15 meters from the building, but it caused serious damage,” he wrote.

The creators of the Fighterbomber social channel also announced the use of such powerful weapons by the Russian military. The authors emphasized that this is the case “the first combat use of a bomb of this caliber from KMPK in the history of mankind“.

“The idea is that the FAB-300 has a total destruction radius of 230 meters, and the fragments retain their killing power at a distance of 1,240 meters,” we read.

War in Ukraine. A powerful bomb used by the Russians

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He was asked to comment on media reports spokesman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ilya Yevlash. The military admitted that he had seen a recording showing the alleged use of FAB-3000, but this has not been officially confirmed yet.

– It will only be possible to talk about it when you will be able to collect the remains or at least get to know the site. It is quite difficult to tell based on the video recording, so it is necessary to wait a while until we can examine this place and determine with certainty what type of ammunition it was – he explained.

FAB-3000 is a very rare case and probably, if research confirms it, this will be one of the first cases in which the Russians used such a powerful air bomb, he added.

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