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War in Ukraine. The SBU showed footage of drones attacking Russian targets

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The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) shared a video on social media on Monday that allegedly showed Ukrainian special forces using drones to destroy Russian targets. The video was recorded by cameras placed on the machines, Ukrinform reports.

“Here are two examples of the use of drones armed with shaped charges” – we read in the entry of the Security Service Ukraine posted Monday evening on Facebook.

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According to the SBU, the first video shows a Russian armored personnel carrier driving along the road. A Ukrainian kamikaze drone is homing on the target and flies into the vehicle, causing it to explode. “The same fate befell the Russian BMP,” the entry said. The BMP is an infantry fighting vehicle. “We keep working until victory!” – it was written in the post.

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It was not disclosed where and when the attacks were carried out.

Ukrinform reminds that on the night of March 18, special forces of the Security Service of Ukraine, the so-called “White Wolves” destroyed ten Russian tanks in the Donetsk area, which the SBU also reported on social media. A recording of the shelling was attached to the entry.

Main photo source: Facebook/SBU

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