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War in Ukraine. The US lifted sanctions on the Azov brigade. The soldiers will get weapons

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The “Azov” brigade was subject to sanctions Ten years ago. The unit was banned from using American weapons for controversial reasons views of some of its founders. The group also allegedly committed human rights violations, of which he accused it UN.

In the face of a full-scale war in Ukraine, supplies of equipment from abroad are crucial for the Ukrainian army. Therefore, the US Department of State took another look at the activities of the “Azov” regimentanalyzing it in terms of Leahy Acts.

The document states that the provision of American funds, including military support, is conditional on respect for human rights.

War in Ukraine. The “Azov” brigade will receive military equipment from the USA

American authorities stated that there is currently no evidence for an individual to violate these rights. Thanks to this, the brigade regained permission from the Joe Biden administration to use American weapons.

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A spokesman for the US Department of State refused to provide information on the details of restoring support to the unit. It is not known when the ban was lifted, or whether the Azov Brigade has already acquired American weapons. The Ukrainian authorities also did not comment on this matter.

“Azov” Brigade – what unit is it?

The “Azov” brigade was established in 2014. as a volunteer battalion due to the escalating situation in Donbas. In September of the same year, the previously paramilitary battalion was named a regiment, and later – in 2015 – it was transformed into a brigade.

The unit became infamous due to the activities of its founder and former commander Andrei Biletsky, who allegedly expressed racist views. Over time, the brigade began to be called ultranationalist.

After the invasion Russia to Ukraine in February 2022, the unit gained international fame thanks to daring defense of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. The Azov Brigade remained undefeated for weeks, despite the enemy's significant superiority. Currently the group is part of the National Guard of Ukraine.

Source: Washington Post

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