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War in Ukraine. There is a network of camps in Russia that detain and re-educate thousands of Ukrainian children, writes CNN

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At least 6,000 Ukrainian children have been sent to Russian camps whose main goal is political re-education, CNN writes, citing a report by the US Conflict Observatory of Yale University. A total of more than 40 such objects have been identified in Russia and the territories it controls. In two locations, the children were to undergo military training. Ned Price, spokesman for the US State Department, commented on the matter.

A new report by the Yale University Conflict Observatory, established last year to document war crimes Russia, was published on February 14. The document shows that since the beginning of the war, at least 6,000 children aged from one month to 17 years have been held in Russian camps for some time. The authors also note that they do not know the exact number, “but it is probably much higher than six thousand.”

Nathaniel Raymond, head of the observatory, explained to CNN that during the preparation of the report, 43 camps were identified as part of a Russian network “stretching from one end of Russia to the other.” The camps are located in on the occupied Crimean peninsula, on the eastern coast of the Pacific and in Siberia.

“The main purpose of the camps seems to be political re-education,” Raymond said. He added that two camps – in Crimea and Chechnya – “seem to be used to train children in the use of weapons and driving military vehicles.” The authors of the report point out, however, that they have no evidence confirming that Ukrainian children were trained there to fight.

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Russian children’s camps. Delayed returns and adoptions

The report states that “many children were taken to the camps with the consent of their parents, for a certain number of days or weeks, and returned home within the agreed time.” At the same time, it was emphasized that “in many cases, the ability of parents to give consent raises significant doubts.” In addition, as explained in the document, “some children in the camps were held for months and their return was postponed weekly.” In the case of two camps, the return of children was to be canceled altogether. It also happened that the children ended up in Russian orphanages or were adopted by Russian families.

The report identified “several dozen national, regional and local actors directly involved in organizing and politically justifying the program’s viability.” At least 12 of these entities are currently not sanctioned by the US government.

Ned Price on “forced relocation and re-education of Ukrainian children”

Ned Price, State Department spokesman USA, during a Tuesday press briefing, stated that “the forced relocation and re-education of Ukrainian children is a key element of the Kremlin’s policy of suppressing Ukrainian identity, culture and history.” “The devastating impact of Russian aggression will be felt for several generations,” he said.

A State Department press release stated that “the unlawful transfer of protected persons constitutes a serious violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention for the Protection of the Civilian and is a war crime.” The Russian embassy in Washington called the reports presented in the report “absurd”. “Russia has taken in children who, together with their families, had to flee the bombings and atrocities of the Ukrainian army,” the embassy said in a statement.

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CNN, Conflict Observatory by the Yale Humanitarian Research Lab

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