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War in Ukraine. These are the Ukrainian Peaky Blinders. They are the terror of Russian troops

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They call themselves the Peaky Blinders. When the war broke out, they took to the streets in civilian clothes, but with weapons in their hands to guard their homes. Oleksandr, their commander, says they looked like characters from the famous series about Birmingham gangsters. They are the ones who use drones to repel the offensive of Russian troops in Kharkov.

Today, the Peaky Blinders are no longer just an ordinary group of volunteers. Today, they are battle-hardened soldiers trained by Western special forces. Their main weapon is drones. However, they retained the original name and style – they have camouflage caps on their heads and the inscription “Search and Destroy” on their backs.

Peaky Blinders claim to have killed or wounded over 100 Russian soldiers since the enemy offensive began in the Kharkiv Oblast.

“They act like a small air force equipped with dozens of drones and an arsenal of bombs – some to destroy tanks, others to hit infantry units or individual soldiers,” writes the BBC. They use kamikaze drones that hit the target and are destroyed in the process. They are also known as FPV (first person view) drones because they allow the operator to see what the drone sees.

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Drone unit on the front in Ukraine – illustrative photoOliver Weiken/DPA/PAP

Drones are not enough

Drones have changed this war to some extent. However, this will not be enough to defeat the Russians – writes the BBC. – Using drones, we can stop them or cause damage to them, but not defeat them – said one of the Peaky Blinders members in an interview with the station. He added that the enemy's offensive could be effectively prevented by long-range weapons.

The Russians have developed ways to disrupt the signal and disable Ukrainian drones using electronic warfare tools. “When the Peaky Blinders finally find a new target, their signal is blocked before they can proceed with the killing,” writes the BBC. The unit loses several drones a day this way.

Kharkov after a Russian missile attack SERGEY KOZLOV/PAP/EPA

The Russian offensive in Kharkov has once again turned the world's eyes on Ukraine. This is good news for Peaky Blinders, who were afraid that he was losing interest in the war.

However, Oleksandr, the commander of the Peaky Blinders, realizes that the prospect of ending the bloody fighting is still very distant. The Ukrainian expects the conflict to last for a very long time, “maybe several years or even decades.” In his opinion, neither side has the strength to deliver a knockout blow. According to him, to push the Russians out of its territory, Ukraine will need “colossal” support from the West.

Russian offensive in Kharkov

The Kharkiv Oblast has been the target of a land offensive by Russian troops since May 10. Two weeks ago, the Russian army broke through the Ukrainian border in this region and fierce fighting has been ongoing there since then. Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine, after Kiev.

On Thursday, the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, General Oleksandr Syrski, stated that Russian troops, after achieving the first slight successes during the offensive in the Kharkiv Oblast, were stuck in street fighting for Vovchansk.

Ukrainian army in the Kharkiv regionPAP/EPA/GEORGE IVANCHENKO

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky he said on Sunday that Russia is concentrating another group of its troops near the border with Ukraine, 90 km northwest of Kharkov, preparing to take new offensive actions.

In Tuesday's interview with the New York Times, the president once again appealed to allies to agree to the use of Western weapons to attack Russian positions located in Russia itself, from where the invader launches artillery and air fire and where he is preparing his troops for attacks on Ukraine.

Main photo source: Oliver Weiken/DPA/PAP

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