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War in Ukraine. They Recorded an Appeal to Putin. Russian Soldiers Beg

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A short video featuring four soldiers was posted on popular Russian-language social media channels.

Uniformed men with their faces covered, as they themselves say, they are “remnants” of the 506th Regimentwho took part in exceptionally heavy fighting against the Armed Forces Ukrainy.

War in Ukraine. Soldiers plead with Putin

According to their accounts, from the very beginning they were convinced by officers that missions will be extremely easy and will encounter virtually no serious resistance from the enemy.

– We were told that there was no one there, that there were no “strawmen” (an offensive term for Ukrainians – ed.). As a result, it turned out that there were plenty of them in the village. We were deceived, basically, we were sent to be eaten, said one of the soldiers.

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Further on in his statement, the military officer stated that as a result of the commander's fatal decisions, the units that launched an assault on the Ukrainian defense lines were decimated.

– We entered, they surrounded us and completely defeated everyone. This is the one who survived (he pointed to the colleague sitting next to him – editor's note). We need medical help (…). There are a lot of two hundred (military term for dead – editor's note), they have been lying there for six months – he emphasized.

Ukraine. Russian soldiers ask to return home

Continuing his speech, the soldier addressed, among others,about the president Russia Vladimir Putin and other representatives of the authorities in Moscow. Together with his colleagues sitting next to him, he appealed for permission to withdraw from the front line.

– There are only 50 of us left. And we don't know what to do. Now they are sending us back here. Against artillery. We are completely helpless. On our side, despite being promised, there is no artillery – he revealed.

According to the soldier speaking, the commanders of the 506th regiment have already made the decision to completely eliminate the unit due to the mutinies that have occurred there. – We have been recorded as 500 (soldiers refusing to carry out an order they consider inappropriate – ed.). They will simply reset us to zero. So that no one knows anything – he summed up.

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