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War in Ukraine. They refused to accept tanks. They were not ready for war

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The West is actively involved in helping Ukraine fighting against Russia, sending, among other things, equipment necessary for defense. However, as it turns out, it does not always meet specific needs. In the past, this was the case, for example, with the AMX-10 RC armored reconnaissance vehicles donated by France, which They were unsuitable – due to too thin armor – for frontline combat.

Now, Danish state television DR has reported further problems with equipment delivered to Ukraine. We're talking about tanks Leopard 1that Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands were supposed to transfer to Ukraine.

War in Ukraine. The tanks for Kiev turned out to be inoperable

As we read, some deficiencies were so noticeable that Ukraine refused to accept the machines. They were going to cause trouble on-board computers or lack of muzzle brakes.

The then acting Minister of Defense of Denmark, Troels Lund Poulsen, spoke in February 2023 about the transfer of 100 tanks of older production, which were first planned to be renovated. The presented data shows that the first tanks to Kiev were to be delivered to Ukraine and then to the front in July 2023. However, this did not happen.

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– They're looking at something they were promised that they didn't get, and this of course shame – Peter Viggo Jakobsen, an expert and lecturer at the Danish Military Academy, commented on the situation in an interview with DR.

Ultimately 20 machines arrived in Ukraine in September last year. However, it turned out that it was detected in 18 of them minor faultsand in the remaining two “more serious” problems. Therefore, none of the vehicles was ready to be used in the fight against the occupier.

Denmark and Germany with problems. Faulty equipment for Ukraine

“Therefore, last fall, Ukraine simply refused to accept donated tanks” – Belsat described the case.

In the following months, Denmark offered Germany help in repairing and delivering tanks to Ukraine. “Until January 2024 28 tanks were delivered and two more were still waiting for repairs. The Danish Ministry of Defense has confirmed that Germany has decided to accept help from Danish mechanics,” we read in the analysis.

Current data shows that it has been fixed over 90 tanks, but not all of them reached Ukraine. The Danish Ministry of Defense does not want to provide detailed data, talking about “safety reasons“.

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