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War in Ukraine. They won the battle against the Russians. Movie online

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Clashes on the war front between Ukrainian defenders and the Russian aggressor take on different forms. Some fights take place in trenches, while others take place in the open between soldiers maneuvering military vehicles.

One of those recordings have just been released online. It shows a daring action by the Ukrainiansas a result of which the army of the Russian Federation lost an armored personnel carrier.

War with Russia. Direct clash and daring action by the Ukrainians

A “battle” of military vehicles took place nearby Listen to me, on the section of the front in Donbas. Ukrainian soldiers of the 47th Mechanized Brigade were moving Bradley M2A2 infantry fighting vehicle American production. In turn, the Russian occupiers maneuvered BTR 82A armored personnel carrier.

In the video, two vehicles can be seen approaching each other, coming from opposite directions, while there is a collision between them exchange of fire.

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In the following seconds, one of the soldiers falls from the shelled Russian armored personnel carrier, and the vehicle, with smoke coming out of it, veers off the road, drives between destroyed buildingsand then into the bushes.

Ukraine. They hunted the tank for three days

Recently, there has also been a lot of talk about another action by the Ukrainians, during which they destroyed valuable Russian equipment. At the end of May, we reported that a tank had been shot at in the Kharkov region. “Hunting” for the occupier's equipment – as military officer Yuri Fedorenko put it in the media – it lasted as long as three days.

However, the soldier did not reveal what the individual stages of the operation were what equipment was usedto eliminate the tracked vehicle.

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