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War in Ukraine. Two wounded Poles near Bachmut were taken to a hospital in Lublin. Report of the wounded

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In the teaching hospital in Lublin, Polish volunteers who are injured in Ukraine receive medical care. After the attack near Bachmut, Grażyna had to amputate her shin. “I probably didn’t have the right to experience that,” she said. Kamil was injured by a shell fragment. – I am happy that I am alive, that Grażyna is alive, that we came out of it alive – he admitted. Both were interviewed by TVN24 reporters.

Grażyna and Kamil, as volunteers, delivered humanitarian aid near the front line in Ukraine. They were wounded near Bakhmut. – They were unpacking aid for the population from the car when a mortar shell exploded nearby. Unfortunately, in the case of the volunteer, it ended in amputation of the shin. The man has a wound from a bullet fragment – described Wojciech Andrusiewicz, spokesman for the Ministry of Health, which coordinated the transport of Poles to Lublin.

Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski talked to Polish volunteers wounded in Ukrainetwitter.com/MZ_GOV_PL

From Bachmut to Lublin. The wounded are already in Poland

TVN24 reporters talked to the injured volunteers. – The first place I was taken to was a very emergency first aid point in Bachmut, where I was treated in a stabilizing way, because in Bachmut it is not possible to carry out any complicated procedures. There you can only supply a man enough to try to survive the transport. I was provided, anesthetized, for which I am eternally grateful to this day, and went to the hospital in Pawłohrad, reported Grażyna.

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There she underwent several surgeries. – I don’t know how many there were. This is not the moment when I am ready to face this whole medical history – she admitted. Grażyna was then transported to Lublin. There, as she estimates, she met with “phenomenal medical care”. – I know for sure that the treatment will consume a lot of money, because both the prosthesis and rehabilitation – she said.

Grażyna and Kamil, wounded volunteers in UkraineTVN24

Volunteers about why they joined in helping Ukraine

– I’m not really interested in political and military conflicts. I’m interested in a man. Where a person suffers as a result of various types of conflicts, there you have to be with that person – explained Grażyna.

Kamil said that the help of the group of volunteers in which he works started with the start of Russia invasion of Ukraine last February. – We organized a help point for refugees with disabilities. We arranged for them housing, doctors, lawyers, everything that was needed – he enumerated. “I left my job, everything and moved to Ukraine to act and support,” he added.

Kamil, a volunteer from Bachmut, about the beginnings of helping UkrainiansTVN24

Grażyna said that she has been associated with the environment of people with disabilities for a very long time. – It was one of my first thoughts when the war broke out: what about people with disabilities, how to help, what to do, how to support them, how to save them – she continued.

They are happy to be alive

– I am happy that I am alive, that Grażyna is alive, that we came out of it alive – summed up Kamil.

– I probably had no right to experience it, Kamil’s presence and his consciousness saved my life. I’m glad I’m alive. The anesthesiologist in Bakhmut promised me that next year I would be dancing. And this is my plan for the near future – added Grażyna.

Main photo source: TVN24

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