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War in Ukraine – Ukrainian counter-offensive, objectives. General Roman Polko evaluates

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This game is clearly already in progress – said the former GROM commander, General Roman Polko, referring to the Ukrainian counteroffensive. According to him, its purpose is to isolate Crimea, destroy the Crimean Bridge and cut off supplies by land.

The Russian occupiers blew up on Tuesday dam in Nowa Kachówkawhich dammed up the waters of the Kachów Reservoir. The hydroelectric power plant located on the dam was completely destroyed. The water flooded dozens of towns located below the reservoir.

Before the dam was blown up, the Kakhovsky Reservoir was 230 kilometers long and 25 kilometers wide at its widest point. It had an area of ​​over 2,000 square kilometers.

The Russians blew up the dam in Nowa KakhovkaTVN24

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Former GROM commander General Roman Polko, when asked how blowing up the dam in Nowa Kachówka could affect the Ukrainian counter-offensive, replied that it limited the possibility of conducting operations in the direction that, in his opinion, was assumed by the Ukrainians. However, he expressed the belief that the Ukrainian army has emergency variants, because the possible blowing up of the dam “was talked about last year, when the Ukrainians took the tactical initiative.”

The former GROM commander assessed that the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian forces had already begun. As he noted, although in “normal, classic war” this is evidenced by artillery preparation for the attack, in this case it is mainly an action in the information space, consisting in confusing the enemy. It is also, he added, preliminary “maneuvers” and feigned activities aimed at misleading the opponent as to the correct direction of the strike.

A Ukrainian soldier rests in the ruins of a building on the front line in the Donetsk region (photo taken on May 24)PAP/EPA/OLEG PETRASYUK

“It is certainly an element of surprise that a large part of the Russian forces is ‘tied up’ by the action of the Russian corps that entered Belgorod and conducts operations there. Putin cannot afford that on the territory Russia any militias operated with impunity and overthrew his regime,” he said.

The general lists the targets of the counter-offensive

General Polko assessed that diversionary activities are probably also being carried out in other places, which we will hear about before the start of the “full-scale counter-offensive”. Its goal, according to the former GROM commander, is obvious and crucial: “isolation of Crimea, destruction of the Crimean Bridge and cutting off supplies by land”.

Isolation of Crimea, in his opinion, would mean “the liquidation of a large Russian base that is breaking the economy UkraineAccording to the former commander of the GROM unit, it is through Crimea that Russia paralyzes Ukraine’s economic activities in the Black and Azov Seas.

Fuel depot fire in Crimea

Fuel depot fire in Crimea (video from April 2023)Telegram/@Fedorov

– I think that this is the main goal that Ukraine sets itself to achieve. Not the conquest itself, but the isolation and weakening of Crimea as a military base that is currently effectively destabilizing all of Ukraine, he said.

Polko: This game is clearly already in progress

According to the former GROM commander, the isolation of Crimea is a potential task “for this year”. The next goals are the complete expulsion of the Russians from the occupied territories in the south in Melitopol and Mariupol, which would be a breakthrough and would boost Ukrainian morale. Only then would it be possible to hit on Donbasswhich is “extremely difficult terrain for offensive operations” – he added.

– The game is clearly on. Ukraine has no choice. If he does not carry out such a decisive counter-offensive this year in the summer or autumn, which will allow him to drive the enemy out of his own territory, the willingness to help this country will weaken, said Polko.


As noted, in Europe and USA there are increasingly stronger voices that the West has already “spent enough [na pomoc Ukrainie – przyp. red.] and is unable to do more.” – President Volodymyr Zelensky he knows perfectly well that he must do something to show success and encourage further support for Ukraine – he stressed.

On the other hand, noted General Polko, the Russian authorities hope that the weakening of Europe’s will to help the struggling Ukraine will occur when Russia manages to keep the conquered territories. He added that although this would not bring Russia a victory in the war, it would block the possibility of Ukraine’s victory.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/OLEG PETRASYUK

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