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War in Ukraine. Ukrainians are looking for a job in Poland. The greatest motivation was indicated – the Gremi Personal study

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Ukrainians indicated the greatest motivations for looking for a job in Poland. For over a third of respondents, the main reason is higher earnings than in their country. This is the result of a study by the Gremi Personal analytical center.

The survey was conducted using an electronic questionnaire in April and May 2023 and covered 1,280 employed Ukrainians aged 18 to 60. As it was added, a year and a half after the outbreak of the war, Ukrainians are still looking for work in our country en masse.

The survey shows that 34% of of respondents realize that without work they are unable to function in society.

Work of Ukrainians in Poland

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The biggest motivation to look for a job in Poland is higher wages than in Ukraine – this was indicated by 39 percent. Ukrainians, and 27 percent. as a motivation to look for a job in Poland, he mentions the lack of work in Ukraine.

– Before the outbreak of the Russian war, Ukrainians came to Poland mainly for 4-6 months, and then returned to their homeland to live on the money they earned for the rest of the year. This trend has completely changed, – pointed out Anna Dzhobolda from Gremi Personal.

She explained that Ukrainians are currently looking for a long-term job because they realize that their stay in Poland will be longer than usual because of the war. – That is why people are now more attentive when looking for work and more demanding in terms of working and living conditions. Retraining and applying for a more qualified job is a new trend, Dzhobolda added.

The study shows that a large part of refugees treat Poland as a transit on their way to Germanthe Netherlands or beyond Canada. When asked why they chose our country, the largest number of people, 24 percent. admitted that it is geographically closer to Ukraine, and the fewest (6%) indicated the ease of obtaining documents.

One fifth (20 percent) of the respondents indicated that they had relatives and friends here. For 17 percent Ukrainians, it is important that there are many Ukrainians in Poland, and Poles are mentally closer to Ukrainians, especially in comparison to Western European countries. A good level of remuneration is important for 13 percent. surveyed, and 11 percent of respondents indicated that living in Poland is cheaper than in other European countries. In turn, 9 percent. of respondents believe that Polish is easier to learn than other languages.

“When choosing a job, Ukrainians are guided primarily by: the amount of remuneration (36 percent), comfort at work (21 percent), geographical location of the workplace (15 percent) and living conditions (14 percent)” – it was reported. Less important are convenient working hours (9%) and career development opportunities (8%).

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