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War in Ukraine. Urgent changes in the Ukrainian army. It's about the General Staff

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The changes were announced by the head of the Main Department of Defense Planning of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Ukrainy Jewish Ostiansky. He said on Ukrainian public television that the decision would be implemented “in the near future.” The announced changes assume thate some units will be disbandedand the rest transferred to other types and types Armed Forces.

– This process includes the dissolution of a number of military organizational structures, the creation of new ones, and the optimization of existing ones. The above-mentioned actions will eliminate duplication of functions, as well reduce the number of employees by 60 percent – he specified.

Ukraine shrinks the General Staff. Why? It is unknown

According to the military, reform of the General Staff will enable the strengthening of structures that directly manage military groups. – It is primarily a balance between the need to respond to threats and the state's ability to maintain and, above all, develop the army – he added.

At the same time, he announced that layoffs are planned additions to the command bodies at the operational and tactical level. However, he did not provide any reasons for the urgent reorganization.

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He only stated that functional surveys were carried out in February and March, based on which the possibility of optimizing the staffing of some units and military administration bodies was indicated. To the point, up to now, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Syrski did not respond ani president of Ukrainy Volodymyr Zelensky.

Volodymyr Zelensky on the situation on the front: We know how to respond

Top military officials incl gen. Syrskiseveral hours earlier they talked to Zelensky. The main topic of the talks, as reported, was the current situation on the front. After the meeting, the President of Ukraine delivered a short message online. “The occupier's intention is clear: to withdraw our forces north and advance east. We know how to answer“- he said.

“From intelligence information: In addition to the plans of the Russian Federation on the battlefield, intelligence officers received a lot of data on the strategy to disrupt the Peace Summit. This has become the main task of Russian diplomacy and foreign intelligence for the near future,” Zelensky added.

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