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War in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin sets conditions for negotiations. They are absurd

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Vladimir Putin once again decided to spread propaganda at a meeting with Russian Foreign Ministry officials on Friday. Since the beginning of the invasion Ukraine in February 2022, The Kremlin Claims that Russia was “forced” to intervene militarily. Its main reason was the alleged “genocide” of the inhabitants of Donbas by the “Kiev regime”. These theses have never been confirmed by hard evidence.

I want to emphasize again that Russia did not start any warsy, this is the Kiev regime, I repeat. After the inhabitants of part of Ukraine declared independence in accordance with international law, they started hostilities and continue them, he said. president of Russia.

War in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin sets conditions for negotiations

Putin also stated that Russia 'never planned to storm Kiev'. This is contradicted by the movements of Russian troops during the first weeks of the Russian invasion and one of the main goals of the war given by propaganda – the removal of Volodymyr Zelenskiy and his supporters from power.

According to the Russian dictator Russia allegedly wanted to reach a peace agreement in March 2022. Putin added that the current condition for negotiations is the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the “new regions of the Russian Federation” – the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. He also added that Russia “does not rule out” that it will leave the Zaporizhia and Kherson oblasts to Kiev. However, he wants to keep the land route on Crimea.

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The price of peace for Kiev would also be giving up its aspiration to join NATO. However, there is no certainty that Putin would not resume the invasion in the following years.

Source: Reuters, Inter

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