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War in Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky goes to Europe. He will go from Paris to London

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Emmanuel Macron and Volodymyr Zelensky, after a three-hour dinner at the Elysée Palace on Sunday, announced that France would train and equip several Ukrainian battalions with “dozens of armored vehicles and light tanks, including the AMX-10RC.” The presidents of both countries also supported new sanctions against Russia. As commented by the media, Macron’s next decisions on supporting Ukraine are expected on Monday. Zelensky is also scheduled to meet with the British prime minister in London on Monday, Reuters reported.

After Sunday’s visits to Aachen and Berlin, the time has also come for Paris. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky he came there to meet the head France. The Republican Guard saluted Zelensky in the courtyard of the Elysée Palace.

On the day of the visit, he informed that “while Ukraine continues to suffer bombing, particularly on civilian infrastructure, President Macron will reaffirm France’s and Europe’s unwavering support for restoring Ukraine’s legitimate rights and defending its fundamental interests.

“Ukraine’s defensive and offensive capabilities increase with each visit. Ties with Europe are strengthening, pressure on RussiaPresident Zelensky announced in social media just before the meeting.

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“Active assistance in training Ukrainian soldiers”

A joint statement by the two presidents published overnight said: “In the coming weeks, France will train and equip several battalions with dozens of armored vehicles and light tanks, including the AMX-10RC.”

French AMX-10 RC tanksPhoto by Lance Cpl. Damarko Bones, II Marine Expeditionary Force/DVIDS

It added that Paris is also focusing its “efforts on supporting Ukrainian air defense capabilities. “In addition to its national contribution, France actively participates in the activities of the European Union and FOR THIS in the field of military assistance to Ukraine and the training of Ukrainian soldiers.

Both leaders also spoke in favor of new sanctions against Russia and further tightening of ties between Ukraine and NATO and the European Union.

“Ukraine and France agree on the need to increase our collective pressure on Russia through new sanctions to undermine the country’s ability to continue its illegal aggression,” Macron and Zelensky said.

Paris also assured that it reaffirms Ukraine’s right to choose security solutions and wants to help “Ukraine continue its path towards the Euro-Atlantic family.”

Destination: London

Zelensky is due to visit London on Monday, Reuters reported on Monday morning. The President of Ukraine will be received by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.


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