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War in Ukraine. Western weapons in Crimea. The British minister has a clear position

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British Defense Minister Grant Shapps called on Germany to hand over Ukraine Taurus missiles so that it could hit occupied Crimea. “I would like to see all our partners, including Germany, who have the ability to deliver long-range weapons, but… they do not let for its use in Crimea, which is part of Ukraine. I think this needs to be changed first, said the minister, quoted by the Ukrainian Unian agency.

Shapps noted that Great Britain was the first to deliver long-range Storm Shadow i missiles to Ukraine allowed their use in Crimea.

Great Britain expects cooperation. She pointed out Russia's weakness

The minister stated that Ukraine cannot wait for Western help he called on all allies to quickly support her. On Monday, he published an entry on social media in which he provided a way to stop hostilities Russia.

“Putin's total mobilization of the economy is simply unsustainable. And he knows it” – said Shapps. “If all allies meet the UK's commitment to maintain support for Ukraine for the next 6 yearswe will be able to exploit this weakness and prevent the Russian economy from continuing its war efforts,” he explained.

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There is a shortage of “labor” in Russia? British intelligence report

He commented with these words on the latest British intelligence report. The British ministry stated that there is a shortage of “labor hands” in Russiawhich is partly due to war in Ukrainewhich led to the mobilization of professionally active people.

“Recently, labor shortages have increased as a result restrictions on migrant employment introduced after the terrorist incident in Moscow,” the report states.

“According to estimates of independent Russian media, Russia lacked 4.8 million workers in 2023. For example, the Russian transport and logistics industry was unable to fill 25 percent. vacancies for truck drivers last year,” it was indicated.

Due to the growing shortage of workers, the government has started discussions on possible changes to the labor code.

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