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War in Ukraine. “Without Mercy”. New Tasks for Ukrainian Intelligence

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The topic of the new tactics of uniformed officers from military intelligence was presented on the official social media profile of the Main Intelligence Directorate. As indicated, the actions of soldiers they focus on interrupting logistics routes.

“No Mercy – Frontline Scouts Cut Off Russian Supply Lines. Our goal is to cut off the supply of ammunition to the Russians. and depriving them of the possibility of easy evacuation from the battlefield,” it was written.

“Special Unit HUR of the Ministry of Defense Ukrainy Kabul 9 continues to destroy occupiers' equipment. They are burning: Urals, loaves, shishas and other vehicles,” it added.

According to HUR representatives, “the complexity or lack of logistics condemns the Russian infantry to inevitable death.”

War in Ukraine: Intelligence Announces Response to Massive Attack

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Several dozen minutes after the massive Russian missile attack on civilian targets in Ukraine, a representative of the Ukrainian state television commented on the situation. Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Yevgeny Yerin.

The military officer assured that the attack would not go without a response from his unit.

I can only say one thing for sure: the response will be strong. We will do everything possible and impossible to achieve victory over the enemy and destroy all enemy facilities that can harm the population of our country, he said.

Yerin added that more such attacks by Russians should be expected, because the aim The Kremlin is to intimidate Ukrainians and cause as much destruction as possible.

– From a military point of view, they (the shelling) make no sense, but they strongly influence social moods – he noticed.

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