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War in Ukraine. Zelensky's strong statement. He identified those responsible for the Russian offensive

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In an interview for the American television ABC News Volodymyr Zelensky he admitted that he had made up his mind cancel planned trips to Spain and Portugal due to the difficult situation on the front.

As he said, he arrived in Kharkov, which is “in real danger due to the Russian offensive.”

The situation is very serious. We cannot afford to lose Kharkov, he said.

According to the president Ukrainy has a significant impact on the situation of the Ukrainian troops the sluggishness of politicians from Western countries. Zelensky mentioned, among others: delays in further aid packages from United Stateswhich led to a lack of ammunition and equipment needed for defense.

It's the whole world's fault. They (Western politicians – ed.) gave Putin the opportunity to organize an occupation. But now the world can help, he appealed.

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– We only need two Patriot systems. Russia won't be able to take Kharkov if we have it – added.

During the conversation, journalists drew attention to the growing number of Americans who are against supporting Ukraine, emphasizing that it is a serious burden on the budget.

This money is not given to Ukraine. This money is spent in American factories, creating jobs. We are not only fighting for our freedom. If it weren't for Ukraine, it wouldn't be the same country (USA – ed.) – said the president of Ukraine.

Russian offensive on Kharkov. Zelensky accepted the generals' report

The President of Ukraine canceled his visit to Spain and appeared in Kharkov, where held a meeting with the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleksandr Syrski and other Ukrainian commanders.

As reported, Volodymyr Zelensky received a detailed report on the situation on the front and the threats that may occur in the coming days.

– Today the situation in the Kharkiv Oblast is basically under control. Our soldiers are inflicting significant losses on the occupier, but the direction remains extremely difficult. We are strengthening our units, he announced.

– A plan of further actions has been defined for both the regional authorities of the Kharkiv Oblast and all structures responsible for security in the region – he added.

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