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War Russia – Ukraine. Live coverage – January 7, 2023

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Russia intends to order in January mobilization of an additional 500,000 conscripts The British “Guardian” reported on Friday, citing Ukrainian military intelligence. Representatives of the Ukrainian military are of the opinion that if this “final campaign” turns out to be a fiasco for the Kremlin, “Putin will collapse.”

The representative of the Ukrainian Main Directorate of Military Intelligence (HUR), Vadym Skibicki, told a British newspaper that the conscripts will be part of the Russian offensive in the spring and summer in the east and south of the country.

The Guardian points out that Russia has denied it is preparing a second wave of mobilizations, while Putin said last month that talk of a new mobilization was “pointless” and added that only half of those mobilized so far had been sent to Ukraine.

The daily also quotes Russian retired general and Duma deputy Andrei Gurulov, who said on Wednesday that there were “no reasons or conditions” for Moscow to announce a second mobilization within the next six months.

However, the newspaper recalls that Russian officials, including Putin, also denied plans for early conscription before finally announcing “partial mobilization” last September.

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