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War Russia – Ukraine. Live coverage on February 19, 2023

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Latvian President Egils Levits said during a panel discussion as part of the Munich Security Conference that Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is an ideological imperial war that can be imagined in the 19th century but has no place in the 21st century.

This war is ideological. Putin resurrected the old imperialist, colonial and racist ideology of the 19th century, when it was acceptable to invade and conquer other countries. But in the 21st century, it looks strange. European countries gave it up relatively easily in the middle of the last century. Now we see that it is very difficult for Russia to abandon such an ideology,” the Latvian leader said.

In his opinion, Russia’s aggression depends not only on Putinbecause a large part of Russian society supports such an ideology.

– Therefore, the democratic world must understand that Russia will remain an aggressive state for a long time. Russian society will be able to abandon such an ideology only after reflecting on its past, realizing what it has done and repenting. And this process can take a long time, he said Levits.

According to the Latvian president, the only defense in this situation is to deter Russia with reliable defense capabilities.

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– This is the way to peace. In our conditions, national defense is collective defence. Together, all of us, 30 (and soon – 32) NATO countries, are much stronger than Russia. This is the basis of our security in Europe and in the North Atlantic area, he argued.

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