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Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, Witowko. The dog put his head in a milk can. Intervention of firefighters from Jedwabno

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Volunteer firefighters from Jedwabno in Masuria rescued a dog that stuck its head into a tin milk can. The dog’s owner, a resident of Witówek, initially tried to free the pet himself using a grinder. His efforts were unsuccessful, so he decided to call in specialists for help. Hydraulic tools had to be used to free the animal. The vet attended.

According to the owner’s account, the dog probably stuck his head in a 10-liter milk can that had been in the shed unused for years, out of curiosity.

It’s a large German Shepherd dog. The diameter of the canka’s opening was little larger than his head. He managed to put his head inside, but he had no chance to take it out – said the commune commander of the TSO Jedwabno, Krzysztof Nikadon.

The dog’s owner initially tried to free him himself using a grinder. He then called firefighters and a veterinarian, who sedated the animal.

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The dog put his head in a milk can and got stuckFacebook/TSO KSRG Jedwabno

To rescue a pet

Firefighters had to work under time pressure due to the fact that the dog had limited access to air.

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According to the commander of the OSP, specialized tools had to be used to cut the steel bubble. It was difficult due to lack of space. Firefighters had to be careful not to injure the animal.

The dog was released and he was okay. It required very precise cutting and bending of the sheet metal using shears and a hydraulic spreader, the commander said.

Photos from the action were published on the Facebook profile of the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Jedwabno.

This was not the first intervention of firefighters from the TSO Jedwabno with the help of animals. Previously, they released a deer that fell into a concrete well of a forest bunker, an owl trapped in the chimney of one of the houses in Narty, or swans tangled in a fishing line.

Main photo source: Facebook/TSO KSRG Jedwabno

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