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Warner Bros. streaming revolution Discovery

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Next generation channels (FAST) available over the Internet are revolutionizing the streaming industry around the world. Now it’s time for Poland! On January 18, the TVN Warner Bros. portfolio Discovery will be expanded by as many as 15 new generation channels from TVN, available via the Player platform. It is also the day when Player – the most popular and largest local website on the Polish market – will grow in strength and will be expanded with a fee-free zone – it was announced in the press release.

“On January 18, a new space will appear on the Internet for fans of TVN programs and productions – on that day, as many as 15 new generation channels based on the best TVN programs and series, available online via the Player platform, will debut on the local market. On the same day, Player will also be expanded by a new zone with a library of content available free of charge,” wrote TVN Warner Bros. in a press release. Discovery.

Warner Bros. streaming revolution Discovery

It was added that each of the 15 completely new FAST channels available only on the Internet offers access to the most popular quality programs from the TVN library “here and now” – i.e. on every device connected to the network.

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“The content available on each channel has been carefully selected to provide viewers with the best viewing experience and minimize the time they spend finding programs on a selected topic in line with their preferences. Next Generation Channels (FAST) are the answer to this challenge – is a combination of the best programs and personalities known from traditional television with the world of streaming, offering freedom of choice of device and the ability to watch many episodes of the same program or series in a row (binge watching). In practice, this means that viewers have the opportunity to spend several hours in Magda’s company Gessler, Kuba Wojewódzki and the guests of his talk show or the characters of the ‘Hotel Paradise’ program looking for love. This offer is tailored to the needs and requirements of the modern content consumer,” it was explained.

It was also announced that 15 new channels will be provided as part of the FAST (Free Ad Supported Television) service, which debuted on the global streaming market in recent years.

15 new generation channels from TVNPromotional materials

“This name covers new generation channels broadcast over the Internet – with a schedule consisting of popular content. This service has already revolutionized the entertainment industry in the USA. New generation online channels have proven to be an ideal solution for viewers looking for their favorite programs or series at any time. and in an unlimited way. Now such a place with the best content will appear in Player, and the favorite content of TVN Warner Bros. Discovery viewers, known primarily from TVN and other open channels of the broadcaster (TTV, TVN7, Metro) will also be delivered via the channels of the new generation,” the press release said.

– We are always looking for new solutions that will help our viewers find their favorite programs more easily. We know how much time it can take to search for interesting content on various streaming services. That’s why we’re launching FAST channels. This is a convenient solution that allows you to use the library of your favorite TVN programs in a modern way. The success of FAST channels on global markets confirms that the combination of the advantages of linear television and streaming is becoming more and more popular. I am glad that today we can present as many as 15 completely new channels to Polish audiences, because the scale of this project is unique both from the perspective of our country and international markets. The investment in FAST channels is a step towards the future of television – said Kasia Kieli, President and Managing Director of Warner Bros., quoted in the press release. Discovery in Poland and CEO of TVN.

“New generation channels (FAST) are a wealth of content free of charge from viewers, which can be shared and developed thanks to ads replaced with DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion) technology. Thus, they become another important business element and an opportunity to acquire new customers” – indicated.

– In the era of digitalization, when consumers are increasingly connected to technology, innovations such as FAST channels are the key to market development. FAST channels are a modern solution that provides advertisers not only with advanced tools for precisely targeting their messages using DAI technology, but also guarantees high quality of communication. This is an innovative approach to television advertising in the online environment, which allows for more effective reaching of recipients and increases the effectiveness of advertising activities – emphasized Dorota Żurkowska, Group Senior Vice President – Revenue at Warner Bros. Discovery in Poland.

15 new TVN channels will debut on January 18 in Player as a permanent offer of the service, which is constantly changing to respond to market needs.

– The concept of television is constantly changing because we, the viewers, are changing. We all live faster and faster and we are not always able to adapt our daily schedule to the TV schedule. Now, in the Player free zone, another benefit and novelty on the Polish market awaits us – in addition to as many as 15 new generation channels, on January 18, Player will be expanded to include a free zone with selected content also available in the catch-up model. The biggest media event of 2024 in Poland is ahead of us – the launch of the MAX platform, which required reviewing and consolidating the digital portfolio of TVN WBD. Therefore, we decided to further build and consolidate Player’s position by including the huge potential of VOD.pl content in the new free Player zone. Access to our programs will be easier and more intuitive – said Maciej Gozdowski, Group Vice President – Streaming at Warner Bros. Discovery in Poland.

“The free Player zone will launch on the website on January 18. The functionalities and content of VOD.pl will be transferred to Player in an expanded version. The offer of the new – free – Player zone will include the best programs from TVN WBD, but also premiere productions and great hits ( e.g. the series ‘Upadek’ and ‘Peaky Blinders’) and unique events creating an exclusive library of the website for everyone. All VOD.pl users will be redirected to the new Player zone, to which they will be able to easily log in using their TVN account (i.e. their current login and passwords to log in to the VOD.pl website),” it was written in the press release.

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