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Warsaw. 30th edition of the Street Art Festival. Appearances. Schedule

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During the 30th Street Art Festival, we will show artistic open-air theater for everyone in Warsaw, says Dariusz Jarosiński, the artistic director of the 30th Street Art Festival, actor and director of the Scena 96 Theatre. The audience will be able to see 14 Polish and foreign performances, performed sixteen times in total, and a street parade.

The honorary patronage over the festival was taken by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The patronage is also exercised by the Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw.

The festival is co-financed by the Capital City of Warsaw awarded as part of the competition Organization of Warsaw artistic and cultural festivals – building the image of Warsaw as a city of culture. The review was also co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund – a state special purpose fund.

Exhibition of posters in Ochota

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Polish Press Agency: The inauguration of the jubilee, 30th Street Art Festival will be preceded by the vernissage of the exhibition at the Ochota Cultural Centre. What will you see on it?

Dariusz Jarosiński: In the “Pod Okiem” Gallery in the Ochota Cultural Center on June 29 at 18 we will open the exhibition “Thirty Posters for the 30th Anniversary”. We will show posters that have accompanied the Street Art Festival since its first edition in 1993. We decided that it is wonderful to boast about the Polish school of posters.

We will show two posters by Dariusz Łopatek and Anna Niesterowicz – artists who collaborated with us at the first festivals. We will present works by Wiesław Łuczaj, Grzegorz Laszuk and Wojciech Korkuć, the authors of most festival posters. These artists are known and recognizable as representatives of the Polish poster school. Very often, their works were distinguished at international poster competitions and presented at prestigious exhibitions.

The exhibition will accompany our festival, but these posters will also be on display a few days after its end.

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The festival will start with an intriguing spectacle

When will the 30th Street Art Festival start and where will the performances be presented?

The festival will last for three days – from June 30 to July 2. As part of it, theaters will present outdoor performances in various places in the capital, including in Plac Zamkowy, in Szczęśliwicki Park, in the New Town Square, in the Ursynów Culture Center “Alternatywy”, as well as in the city car park at ul. Sierakowski in Piaseczno near Warsaw.

Three days of street art celebrations await us in Warsaw, during which the audience will be able to see 14 Polish and foreign performances, performed sixteen times in total, and a street parade. I would also like to emphasize that admission to all performances is free.

The festival will start on June 30 at 18 on the Castle Square with the parade entitled “Danse Macabre” A3 Theatre. This is an intriguing spectacle that refers to the forms of the theater of cruelty from South America and the tradition of fiestas, which are sometimes an expression of the cult of death. As the artists from Podlasie announce, “the parade is sometimes a procession, and sometimes almost a fiesta, of course with the participation of musicians.” But it will be a joyful parade full of sounds, dance and energy of life. Viewers will see a real riot of colorful masks, mega-puppets and big hands that invite you to dance. An unusual procession of grotesque characters who turn out to be nice instead of dangerous, in colorful costumes, with huge masks and even bigger hats.

13 Polish outdoor performances

Theaters from Poland constitute the majority of the festival programme. Most of them are respected bands that have accompanied the Street Art Festival for years. Who will viewers see?

We will show 13 Polish outdoor performances. We invited 12 leading theaters from Poland to participate. I cannot talk about all of them in this interview, although I assure you that each performance is worth seeing.

On July 2, the audience will have the opportunity to see the open-air “Arkadia” performed by one of the oldest open-air theaters in Poland, i.e. the KTO Theater from Krakow. The theme of the performance in dir. Jerzy Zoń and choreography by Eryk Makohon is a lament after the death of the hero, a modern everyman, showing his good and bad deeds.

Important points of the program will certainly be performances by award-winning ensembles: “Kaspar” by Poznań’s Teatr Biuro Podróży, directed by Paweł Szkotak (2 July), “Fantoms” inspired by the novel “Solaris” by Stanisław Lem, performed by Teatr Akt in Warsaw (30 June) and Teatr Klinika Lalek (30 June) from Wolimierz. The artists of the Klinika Lalek Theater will present two performances. On June 30, at the city car park in Piaseczno, they will present “Gulliver’s Cosmic Journey” – a spectacle based on Jonathan Swift’s novel with super-puppets, written and directed by Wiktor Wiktorczyk, with music by Włodzimierz Kiniorski. In turn, their “Tarabumba Circus”, which they will present on July 1 in the Five Sisters Park in Ochota, is a show referring to the circus trend without animals. The spectacle features huge marionettes animated by puppeteer actors who perform on one stage with circus artists. It is simply a beautiful, colorful spectacle – a tribute to theatrical, puppetry and circus arts.

It is impossible not to mention one of the oldest and titled Polish street theaters – the Theater of Dreams in Gdańsk. Its creator and director Zdzisław Górski referred to the poetic stories of Bruno Schulz and on June 30, at the New Town Square, Teatr Snów will present the premiere of the spectacle “Class”.

On the other hand, on July 1, movie lovers will be able to watch “Monsieur Charlie”, a spectacle maintained in the aesthetics of silent cinema, a homage to Chaplin of Tychy’s HoM Theatre.

Schedule of performances Cultural PR

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A performance inspired by a story written by children

The organizers of the festival, Warsaw’s Teatr Scena 96, will also perform at the festival. What will you present?

Indeed, on July 1, at the New Town Square, Teatr Scena 96, which is part of the Scena 96 Association, which established the Street Art Festival and organizes it from the very beginning, will show “Legenda”, a performance inspired by a story written in 2006. by the children of one of the primary schools in Prague. It is a slightly absurd, devoid of historical references world of associations and non-obvious sense of humour. A rather surreal story about the creation of the Warsaw Zoo, and in fact a show that makes everyone realize that we live in cages, to which the environment closes us or we lock ourselves in them. It will be the second premiere of the Street Art Festival.

Performances of foreign theaters

What open-air foreign theaters have you invited to Warsaw?

This year, when bringing two foreign theaters to the capital, we cooperated with the ULICA Festival in Krakow. On July 2, at the New Town Square and Szczęśliwicki Park, we will present the performance “Galumphing” by the Argentinian band Cia Manteca al dente. It is a proposition in the genre of improvisation theatre. A one-man show of the possibilities of street clowning with the participation of spectators. A circus and theater performance in which improvised etudes will encourage viewers to interact.

On the same day, also on the New Town Square and in Szczęśliwicki Park, the Spanish dance theater Fusión Callejera will perform. The performance “Street dance” will feature hot, Catalan rhythms in a great performance. It will be a very masculine theater, because the actors of this theater are very athletic and acrobatically talented men.

Theater addressed to all viewers

Who are the performances of the Street Art Festival aimed at?

I think street theater is the most democratic theatre. It is addressed to all viewers, as we have no restrictions due to the age or sensitivity of the audience. Some spectators come to open-air performances consciously – others take part in them accidentally, encouraged by the music, light and color of the spectacle. Very often they stop and join the gathered audience.

At our festival, we also do not apply genre restrictions. There are dance, circus, art and poetry performances. Reflective and comical. I assure you that during the 30th Street Art Festival we will show artistic open-air theater for everyone. This festival is essentially a celebration of free people.

Our idea is to promote open-air theater as a part of national culture, which includes serious educational elements in its proposals. These street performances are intended to encourage viewers to participate in culture and use the theater outside the summer and spring seasons. Very often, this first contact with an open-air theater makes someone start using the offer of drama, puppet and musical theatres.

This is the mission of the Street Art Festival and outdoor theaters from all over Poland performing at it.

Main photo source: Cultural PR

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