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Warsaw. 82nd anniversary of the Soviet aggression against Poland. The prime ministers of Poland and Lithuania laid wreaths

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On Friday, in front of the Monument to the Fallen and Murdered in the East, the prime ministers of Poland and Lithuania laid wreaths on the 82nd anniversary of the Soviet aggression against Poland. At the same time, Polish-Lithuanian international consultations are taking place in the capital.

In Warsaw, Polish-Lithuanian intergovernmental consultations began on Friday morning with the welcome of Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Szimonyte to the Belweder Palace by the head of the Polish government, Mateusz Morawiecki. They are devoted to, among others European issues and regional security in the context of the Eastern Neighborhood. During the meeting, the prime ministers are to adopt a joint declaration on bilateral cooperation. The prime ministers of Poland and Lithuania also laid flowers at the Monument to the Fallen and Murdered in the East.

The intergovernmental consultations will be attended by the ministers of: national defense, climate and environment, family and social policy, home affairs and administration, infrastructure, health, finance, education and science. On Friday morning, a meeting of defense ministers Mariusz Błaszczak and Arvydas Anuąauskas took place.

During his visit, Prime Minister Szimonyte will also meet the Marshal of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek, and the Marshal of the Senate, Tomasz Grodzki.

September 17 – 82nd anniversary of the Soviet aggression against Poland

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82 years ago, on September 17, 1939, in violation of the Polish-Soviet non-aggression pact, the Red Army entered the territory of the Republic of Poland, implementing the arrangements contained in the secret protocol of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact. The consequence of the alliance of the two totalitarian regimes was the partition of lonely Poland.

“The tragedy of the events of September 17, 1939 did not only concern Poland. This date initiated another state based on a totalitarian system in our part of Europe,” wrote Prime Minister Morawiecki on Facebook on Friday.

He pointed out that “the aggressive policy of both states – Germany and the Soviet Union towards Poland caused a conflict that has not been known in history so far”. “The theater of warfare expanded to include new countries, alliances and coalitions changed. The suffering of nations who paid with their lives and health a price for the lack of an effective policy of European leaders who could put a barrier to totalitarianism did not change,” the head of government pointed out.

“The Polish nation experienced this passivity in particular. Deportations to Siberia, Katyn, Auschwitz, over 6 million lost lives. When I look at the situation on the eastern border of Poland today, I am reminded of Cicero’s maxim about history that teaches life. And I ask myself a question. : do others remember it too? ” the Prime Minister wondered.

The premiere’s entry was accompanied by a graphic from the IPN film “Invincible”, symbolizing the fate of Poland struggling with two totalitarianisms.

Main photo source: Piotr Nowak / PAP

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