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Warsaw. A broken criminal group. They’ve been stealing cars and electronics for 10 years. They were very brutal, pretending to be policemen

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The police broke up a criminal group that had been operating for almost a decade. In addition to stealing cars, its members also engaged in attacks on transports of goods, mainly electronics, and robberies, “during which they were very brutal,” said a spokesman for the Warsaw police.

Police officers of the Car Crimes Department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters inform about the investigation of a criminal group operating since 2014, dealing with car thefts, ATM attacks and transports of goods. The criminals pretended to be policemen.

Counter-Terrorist Synchronized Strike

Operations began in July last year. – As a result of these activities, they collected evidence, as well as determined the full composition of the group, whose members were very ruthless and aggressive in their criminal activities. In addition to stealing cars, they also dealt with robberies on transports of goods, mainly electronic goods, and robberies, during which they were very brutal. Often the people they harmed suffered serious damage to their health – says Sylwester Marczak, spokesman for the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

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Finally, nine members of the group, aged 30 to 52, were detained in the capital garrison, Siedlce poviat and Chorzów. РDue to the fact that the group consisted of criminals with many years of experience, who knew the methods of the police, activities against them were carried out with great caution. Since the targets often left their places of residence before dawn, the counter-terrorists simultaneously entered their premises in the early hours of the morning. The synchronization of actions was to prevent the suspects and their families from contacting them to warn other members of the group, Marczak describes.

And he adds that the other five members of the group were brought from detention centers or prisons where they had previously served sentences.

The prosecutor presented them with 60 charges

During the police action, the officers seized seven cars with a total value of PLN 724,000, cash in the amount of PLN 47,000, 11 combat grenades, 350 pieces of illegal ammunition, as well as silicone masks, brass knuckles, counterfeit police ID cards, items resembling firearms, handcuffs, over a dozen electronic devices for stealing vehicles, stolen car parts and license plates.

The prosecutor charged the detained members of the group with 10 charges of participation in an organized criminal group, 60 charges of burglary and attempted burglary of cars, 15 charges of burglary at ATMs. In addition, the detainees will be charged with 19 fencing, five robberies and imprisonment while impersonating police officers.

The court, at the request of the prosecutor’s office, temporarily arrested 12 detainees for three months.

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