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Warsaw. A camera operator was shot on the set of Patryk Vega’s film. Former GROM soldier sentenced

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Before the Warsaw-Wola District Court, after nearly four years, the trial regarding the accident that took place on the set of Patryk Vega’s film ended. While filming the scene, camera operator Petro Aleksowski was shot by a former GROM soldier, Ireneusz Sz.

– On April 21, 2023, the District Court for Warszawa-Wola in Warsaw recognized the accused Ireneusz Sz. guilty of inadvertently causing grievous bodily harm and sentenced him to six months’ imprisonment, conditionally suspended for a probationary period of one year. The defendant was obliged to inform the court about the course of the probationary period, Mirosława Chyr, spokeswoman for the District Court in Warsaw, told us.

She added that the verdict is not final.

Earlier, the victim himself wrote about the verdict on social media. As he calculated, the sentence was passed after 22 trials, “after 6 years, 5 months and 3 hours from being shot”.

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A former GROM soldier shot

The incident happened on December 21, 2016, at the airport in Warsaw’s Bemowo, where shots were made for the film “Red Point” directed by Patryk Vega. The production announced as a sensational film with the participation of Ewan McGregor turned out to be a 9-minute advertisement for a new video-on-demand platform.

The scene with the helicopter was filmed on the set that day. A masked shooter sat inside the machine, aiming at the camera lens. The shooter was played by a former soldier of GROM Ireneusz Sz.

When operator Petro Aleksowski (during the first trial he agreed to give his name) was standing on the lift, he approached him, then a shot was fired. Then it turned out that the former GROM man shot him not with live ammunition. The bullet hit the operator in the thigh and shattered the bone.

Major surgery, wheelchair

After the accident, Petro Aleksowski underwent surgery, moved in a wheelchair, later with the help of a walker, and then with a cane.

The process began in the fall of 2019took place with closed transparency, the defense attorney of Ireneusz Sz.

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Author:Klaudia Ziolkowska

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