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Warsaw. A car stuck in a ditch on Puławska Street. It hung on the chassis

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The car drove into a trench at the site of works on Puławska Street, at the intersection with Rakowiecka. The Nissan got stuck on the chassis and the driver couldn’t get out on her own.

At the intersection of Puławska and Rakowiecka streets, a passenger car drove into a trench. The track and Puławska Street are being rebuilt in this place.

Mateusz Szmelter, a reporter for tvnwarszawa.pl, was on site. – Currently, you can only turn right from Rakowiecka into Puławska. The driver of the Nissan went straight for some reason. Perhaps she didn’t notice there was a hole there, or she didn’t notice the sign, or she accidentally drove straight. She fell into a trench almost a meter deep. The car is hanging on the chassis, stuck in and has no room to maneuver. The vehicle will be pulled out by roadside assistance, the reporter reported.

The road service arrived around 7 p.m. – While the vehicle was being pulled out, traffic on Puławska Street was suspended for 10 minutes. The car has already been pulled out, Szmelter added.

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Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

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