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Warsaw. A child without a jacket walked the streets of Prague. Police intervention

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A five-year-old boy was walking around the streets of Prague on a frosty morning without a jacket. The woman, who was concerned about seeing the unaccompanied child, took care of him and called the police.

On February 14, before 6 am, a woman noticed a crying child walking along Wileńska Street.

– She became interested in the boy, because it was freezing outside, and the boy was dressed only in a light sweatshirt. The baby was crying, looking for its mother. The woman covered them with her own hen and called the emergency number. A police patrol arrived on the spot – describes Paulina Onyszko, press officer of the North Prague Police.

He didn’t want to talk to the police

The boy did not want to talk to the uniforms, he was scared.

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– The police asked the woman to get into the police car with him and try to persuade him to talk. Finally, the little boy told me his name and his parents’ names. The officers passed this information on to the duty officer. Soon, the boy’s details and the address where he was probably staying were established. To confirm this, another crew went there – reports Onyszko.

As he adds, the toddler with a “temporary babysitter” and policemen came to the police station. There soon appeared the boy’s mother and his aunt, in whose care he had been that morning. The woman admitted that she did not notice when the five-year-old left the apartment. Both she and the boy’s mother were sober, the press officer says.

Materials from this intervention were handed over to the Department for Offenses and Administrative Proceedings and the Department for Juvenile Affairs and Pathology of the Warsaw VI District Police Headquarters, whose officers will check the care situation of the five-year-old.

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Thanks from and for the officers

Police officers praise the attitude of a woman who did not pass by a little boy walking unaccompanied and devoted her time to take care of him and support the actions of the officers.

The woman, on the other hand, in an e-mail addressed to the chief of police officers in North Prague, expressed her appreciation for the officers

“Gentlemen from the patrol, I am turning to you – as a woman, mother and an ordinary citizen, I thank you for your attitude full of empathy, peace and extraordinary professionalism. Chapeau bas!”, she wrote.

A letter of thanks was sent to the commandPolice

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